Information about UFOs, Aliens and the Paranormal

Something from Saturn photographed by Cassini spacecraft appears in Earth’s atmosphere?

The Cassini–Huygens space-research mission launched aboard a Titan IVB/Centaur on October 15, 1997. It was active in space for nearly 20 years, with 13 years spent orbiting Saturn and studying

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Send a message into deep space for free, traveling at speed of light forever! UFO Sighting News.

Source: Here is a great website that allows you to send messages to aliens using radio signals. You can click there, type a message, press send and its done! Free! Its a

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Aliens being “Made, Hatched, Cloned, and Manufactured” by some rogue element within our Government

Former CIA Agent and Alien Hunter Derrel Sims talks about his lifelong quest for the truth with the alien presence on Earth and their nefarious agendas! He hunts these extraterrestrials

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