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Linda Moulton Howe Artificial Intelligence Extraterrestrials Are Likely SOMEONE Else’s Machines

Linda Moulton Howe starts off with Elon Musk’s comments to American governors at a meeting in Rhode Island: “Artificial Intelligence is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization

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Famous A.I. AlphaZero is Starting to Learn Intuition

DeepMind is on the forefront of artificial intelligence (A.I.). The computer system it developed, known as AlphaZero, amazed (and terrified) the world in 2017 when it was able to defeat

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Precog Crime Fighting: The A.I. Approach vs the PSI Approach

Do we live in dangerous times? It depends who you ask: To a neo-Hobbesian like Steven Pinker we’ve never lived more safely in all of human history,  but survivors of

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